Youth Rally Against Gun Violence

— Media Release —

Youth Rally Against Gun Violence

Richmond Area Youth Respond to Ferguson

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monroe Park (600 block of Main Street)

 4:30 pm


On Wednesday afternoon, October 29, 2014, Richmond teens will rally to address the

epidemic of gun violence against youth in their community at 4:30 in Monroe Park (600

block of Main Street). The event is sponsored by the Richmond Youth Peace Project

(RYPP), a nonviolence initiative of the Richmond Peace Education Center (RPEC),

together with performance group Drums No Guns and the Virginia Center for Public

Safety. This creative youth-driven public statement is a response to the Ferguson, MO

shooting of Michael Brown and the continued gun violence against young people in our own community.

Drums No Guns will provide musical support as young people from local high schools

and universities engage in a performance art demonstration to call for an end to gun

violence in Central Virginia and the unacceptable killing of unarmed youth by police nationwide.

For more information contact:

Santa Sorenson, Conflict Resolution Coordinator

Richmond Peace Education Center

(804) 232-1002 or