Why this Years Auction is So Important


     Our annual auction isn’t just an evening of fun, good food, and great friends, but is also an important part of what keeps the Peace Center doors open, and makes our important program work possible. In the wake of Trump administration’s rise to power, a record number of documented incidents of police brutality, the white supremacist attack on Charlottesville, and the recent announcement on the repeal of DACA, 2017 has been a hard year for peace. The work of the Peace Center is more important now than ever. Our Annual Auction + Peace Party Fundraiser is just one way to support the work we do, connect with our community, and to strive towards peace.

Here are just a few of the programs that are funded through our auction that will help build a brighter future, a better Richmond, and a more peace world:

Conflict Resolution Workshops. One of the Peace Center’s most important programs are our conflict resolution workshops. Through these programs, individuals in the community learn to engage in conflict in a healthy, productive manner. These programs empower individuals to speak with their heads and hearts, and learn empathetic listening and understanding. For more information on our CR workshops, email our Conflict Resolution Coordinator, Santa Sorenson!

Empowering Youth. The Peace Center is investing in the future. The young people who participate in our Richmond Youth Peace Project learn leadership and conflict resolution skills that will carry over into their larger community, with the vast majority of participants reporting a ripple effect in their schools and communities. The Peace Center is continuing to engage in important work with youth, in Albert Hill Middle school, and beyond to our Gilpin Court Program as well.

Advocacy and Social Justice. Not only is the Peace Center building a more peaceful community through our conflict resolution programs, but we are also engaging in advocacy work with big picture implications. Spear-headed by our Advocacy Coordinator, Jelani Drew, we are connecting with other organizations and activists to stand up for our communities, dismantling white supremacy, actively participating in conversations around Monument avenue, and responding to the dangers of alt-right thinking.

Don’t hesitate! Support the work of the Peace Center today and purchase your ticket to the 2017 Auction + Peace Party on November 17th.