WHY is RPEC’s Auction So Important?


You might be thinking to yourself, why, exactly is RPEC’s annual Dinner & Auction SO important? Why do I keep hearing about it? Why all the e-mails? Why all the passionate “nudging” to attend from RPEC members?


The answer is pretty simple.


This is RPEC’s biggest fundraising event of the year, and RPEC’s programs would not exist without the funds raised through this event.


IMG_1911Every dollar raised during the silent & live auctions goes directly to support RPEC’s programming, all of which work to achieve RPEC’s mission of building just, inclusive and nonviolent communities through education and action. The impact of each dollar spent at the auction is incredible! Over 15% of RPEC’s annual budget is raised during this event.


So what exactly is RPEC doing to make the vision of just, inclusive, and nonviolent communities a reality? Through our workshops, public events, and education trainings, we make a tangible difference in our community. In the past two years, we have independently or collaboratively produced nearly 100 events and programs, reaching thousands of people.


RPEC’s Conflict Resolution Trainings & Workshops give participants opportunities to practice new communication and conflict-resolution techniques. They deliver a basic understanding of conflict and new skills for resolving disputes peacefully. Through these trainings, RPEC has helped individuals, businesses, nonprofits, faith communities, youth agencies, government programs, and other groups immensely improve their communication and conflict resolution skills.


IMG_1920Many of RPEC’s programs, including conflict resolution and anti-bullying workshops, focus on Richmond’s youth. RPEC’s Annual Peace Essay Contest encourages young people to clarify and organize their thought about a critical topic related to peace. By participating, the students expand their own views on peace and justice. This year, more than 300 young people submitted essays on the theme “Cooperation in Nature.” The Richmond Youth Peace Project (RYPP) is a dynamic youth peace program, aimed at transforming the culture and conditions that lead to youth violence. We build youth leaders who are leading the way to a more peaceful future.

RPEC also organizes many public events and educational opportunities focused on racial justice, community building, and global peace issues. In September, the Peace Center will cosponsor a major community forum offering peace perspectives on post 9/11 America. The forum, a collaboration with the ACLU of Virginia, will feature experts from across the country.   In December, we will hold a weekend long retreat for racial justice activists.

None of this would be possible without the funds raised during RPEC’s Dinner & Auction. Your support of and participation in this fundraising event will ensure that RPEC continue to engage in this critical work in our community.


If you have not already, buy your auction ticket here and keep a look out for some of the amazing items that will be up for bid. Remember, the money you spend on these items will directly support RPEC’s programming! We hope to see you all there on November 5th.