Welcome, Jelani!

The Peace Center is fortunate to have a new addition to our staff this year. Jelani Drew is

Jelani Drew

a second year graduate student in the VCU School of Social Work. The Peace Center is her field placement this year. Jelani will be working with RPEC part time until May as a graduate student intern.


Jelani brings many skills and experience to the Peace Center, with a history of working with community-based organizations, experience leading youth programs, and experience facilitating discussion and organizing events for the Office 0910161444_hdr-1of Multicultural Student Affairs at VCU, as its Women’s and LGBTQ+ graduate Assistant. Plus Jelani is a graphic designer and has already produced some high-impact flyers and visuals to convey the energy and dynamism of our programs.

Please keep an eye out for Jelani at Peace Center events and say hello and welcome!