VCU and RPEC Launching Video Series: Richmond, Race, and Regionalism

Fwd- RE- Photo from Jan 1, 1980Representatives from Virginia Commonwealth University and the Richmond Peace Education Center will preview four videos created to expand the conversation of regional cooperation Wednesday, March 26th, at 6 p.m. in the VCU Student Commons, Richmond Salons II and IV, 907 Floyd Ave., in Richmond.  Led by Renee Hill, Professor Philosophy at Virginia State University, and Charol Shakeshaft, Professor of Educational Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University, a group of volunteers developed a series of four videos that chronicle the relationship of regional isolation and race in the Richmond metro area.


Professor Hill noted that “in Central Virginia we have the opportunity to come together and solve problems as one.  Poverty and violence are increasing challenges in the counties as well as the city.  Patchwork approaches to economic development have had uneven success.”


The four-video series focus on Education, Housing, Transportation, and Economic Development and portray the ways in which the entire Metro region is connected both in the problems present and in the solutions.


The videos are free to groups to use for discussion and come with discussion guidelines. Previews of each of the videos will be shown and participants will be able to sign up for access to use them.


You can access these videos on the RPEC website here: