Top 10 reasons to register for the June 22-23 conflict resolution workshop:


10.  Earn recertification points or CEUs by participating.


9.  The skills you learn will be useful in the classroom, at work and at home.


8.  You’ll spend the weekend in the ever-lovely Fan Free Clinic auditorium (1010 N. Thompson St.)


7.  If you’re lucky, Ram Bhagat will bring his drums.


6.  Snacks and drinks!  (You bring your own gourmet bag lunch each day.)


5.  By completing the workshop, you’ll qualify to become a member of one of the most distinguished organizations in Richmond–the RPEC Conflict Resolution Training Team.


4.  But you don’t have to join the team unless you want to.  You can simply use what you learn to enhance your ability to handle disputes and conflicts in your own life.


3.  You’ll get to spend the weekend with a group central Virginia citizens who care about making our region a more peaceful place to live and work.


2.  You’ll be trained by the most experience and capable leaders on the RPEC CR team– Ram Bhagat and Santa Sorenson


And, the number 1 reason for registering—the workshop only costs $150 for the entire weekend—and some partial scholarships are available.  You’ll get a manual, and you’ll HAVE FUN!