Thank you, Beth

            The staff, board, volunteers and members of the Richmond Peace Education Center want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the work Beth Sparks has done on behalf of our organization over the past few years. Unfortunately, Beth is now leaving us to pursue other opportunities.

            As our hard-working administrative coordinator, Beth has been the linchpin of our staff.  She brought a great deal of skill and knowledge to the center, leading technology improvements and improvements in our communications, and providing skilled back office support to make possible the expansion of our programming. Thanks in large part to Beth’s efforts, the Peace Center has grown and moved into the 21st Century.

            The other staff members of the Peace Center have probably come to rely on Beth too much…We know that whenever we have a technical problem or a question about to do something with a database or web application, a quick call to her will almost always resolve issue immediately.

        Beyond that, Beth’s positive attitude and wonderful, quirky sense of humor has infused the Peace Center with light and enthusiasm. Anyone who has spoken with her on the phone, or met with her at a Peace Center committee meeting or event will have shared that experience.

            Yes, it’s true that we’ve hired a new and highly capable staff member, Jo Blanton (More about him later.) Nevertheless, all of us at the Peace Center will miss Beth terribly. Thank you, Beth for everything you have done for us individually, and as an organization.