In the words of our new Teen Peace Leaders…


This fall 40 teenagers came together for training to become leaders for peace, as part of the Richmond Youth Peace Project.

Was it a positive experience?  100% of the teens said “Yes!”

We asked how the RPEC training helped them?

Here are some of their answers:

• I feel more confident on how to solve arguments.

• It helped me recognize conflicts and simple changes that can be made to defuse them.

• It helped me because I learned new ways to get my point across without conflict.

• I learned how to view situations from multiple perspectives.

• I learned more about myself as a problem solver.

• I am leaving a better person.

• It has helped me realize that there are underlying reasons for why people do what they do.

• Gave me better communication skills.

• It gave me more confidence about working and organizing with groups.

• I discovered different techniques to resolve conflicts peacefully.

• It made things more clear and opened my mind to things.

• Everyone learned listening skills.

• It taught me how to handle things differently.

• It will help us in the future and even now with people younger and older.

• I reached my goals and will be able to help the greater Richmond area.