Take Action for Peace on Tax Day

tax.day.blog.pic.page.001“How are your tax dollars being spent?”


On Tuesday, April 15, 2014, beginning at 3pm, the Richmond Peace Education Center and Virginia Organizing will join tax filers at the main Richmond Post Office on Brook Road. The groups will share information about military costs and the trade-offs between defense spending and community needs.


The organizations are using the opportunity educate taxpayers about our nation’s budget priorities. The largest slice of the discretionary budget goes to spending on war and the military, while much smaller slices go to programs like education, the environment, and housing. The majority of federal income tax dollars go to war and defense-related costs at a time of great economic need.


“A lot of us think our federal income taxes mostly pay for things like schools, potholes and Pell grants. But actually, we spend far more on war and national security related expenses than we spend on things like education, housing, or transportation,” according to Adria Scharf, Director of the Richmond Peace Education Center.


“War spending is shortchanging the education and futures of the 23,000 students in Richmond Public Schools and millions more nationwide.”


The groups encourage taxpayers to call their Senators to urge cuts to military spending and investments in community needs.


The action is co-sponsored by the Richmond Peace Education Center and Virginia Organizing.


*RPEC community friends: Join us at 3pm to hold signs and pass out information!*

WHAT: Peace Tax Day Action

WHERE AND WHEN: Brook Road Post Office, 1801 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA (activities will be on School Street).

WHEN: 3pm Tuesday, April 15th RSVP to volunteer. Hold a sign or share information.


Email sam@rpec.org to RSVP.


More information here.