Legacy Giving


Planned giving is a way for forward-thinking supporters of the Peace Center to ensure their commitment to peace and justice will live on after they are gone.

Whether or not RPEC is a part of your plans, it is a good idea to have your affairs organized.

doc icon  Here’s a useful Legacy Planning Worksheet.

Supporters can give a legacy gift to RPEC in one of three ways:

  1. Name RPEC as a beneficiary.

Make the Peace Center a primary or partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement plan, annuity fund, or another investment. It’s easy. Simply contact the organization that administers your account/policy to name RPEC as a beneficiary. It’s that easy. Some plans even allow you to change your beneficiary online.

  1. Include the Peace Center in your will or trust.

You have several ways to include RPEC in your estate: a percentage of the estate’s value, a specific dollar amount, or a particular item of personal property or real estate. You can designate your bequests for a specific use or for the ongoing support of the Peace Center and its programs.

  1. Plan a charitable gift.

Some planned gifts can provide life-long income to you along with substantial tax benefits. These include charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and gifts of real estate.

Some allow donors to take a charitable deduction from income tax in the year that the gift is made.  Other planned gifts enable donors to contribute appreciated property, like securities or real estate, receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of the asset, and pay no capital gains tax on the transfer. Ask your investment adviser for details.


Gifts large and small mean a lot to us.

If you plan to make a legacy gift to the Peace Center, thank you. Your gift will strengthen RPEC’s capacity to build a more peaceful and just Richmond region.

Please let us know if you make arrangements so that we can recognize and thank you. (If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will honor that wish, of course.)

We encourage you to discuss your plans with family members as well as with an attorney and financial adviser. Then let us know. We would be happy to talk with you to make arrangements for your generous and lasting donation to the long-term future of the Richmond Peace Education Center.


More on Charitable Gift Annuities

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?
An exchange in which a donor transfers cash or securities to the Richmond Peace Education Center. In return, RPEC makes fixed quarterly payments for the life of the annuitant(s.) Donors may change the designation of the beneficiary of their gift at any time, should they choose. 
How do Charitable Gift Annuities benefit RPEC and you?
 Gift annuities are a wonderful way to help RPEC while providing a dependable source of income. They can be established with gifts valued at $5,000.00 or more. Gift annuities make payments to either one or two people. They are contracts, similar to a commercial annuity, except much of the initial transfer is a gift to RPEC, with concurrent tax benefits. They provide fixed payments based upon the age of the annuitant(s) when the annuity is established. The older the annuitant(s) are, the higher the payment rate will be. Please request specific payout rates for your individual situation.
What about tax benefits?
 Gift annuities allow donors to take an immediate, significant charitable deduction from income tax in the year that the gift is made, and there is no capital gains tax on appreciated property transferred in exchange for the annuity.