Spreading Peace Through Performance


Generation Dream is just two weeks away, and you can bet that our performer’s have been working hard and rehearsing in preparation for the show. We are so excited to share with you what our talented youth will be bringing to the stage this February. Be it a song, a dance, hip-hop, poetry, or spoken word, all of our youth have been compelled to perform as a way to help spread awareness and peace in the Richmond community. 

Here are what just a few of our talented performers had to say about why they have chosen to perform in this year’s edu-concert:

Odessa Hott, who performed in last year’s concert, shared her thoughts on why performing in Generation Dream can help can help our community gain a richer understanding of social issues. “My ultimate goal in life is to be a singer who not only produces music to share my passion with others, but also spreads awareness about issues in today’s society.” 
“…my eyes were opened to how love songs can have hidden depth and challenge us to question how music represents sexuality, gender norms, etc. I believe that the edu-concert is a perfect outlet for youth to share their talents while also using them for a greater cause; to spread social awareness around equality and justice.”
Take a look at Odessa performing live on CBS 6 Virginia this morning!


So often, we find that the performer’s featured in Generation Dream come hoping to address a greater need from the community. Kyra Trice knows that through her music, she can reach out to others. “I chose to perform in the Generation Dream event because I feel like through my music I can reach and speak to people in the community who may need it.”

Generation dream is about more than just the chance for Richmond youth to showcase their talent. For many of our resilient performers, Generation Dream is an opportunity to pursue their own ambitions in the face of personal challenges. “In the past I’ve participated in the Educoncert because it’s been an outlet to relay a positive and empowering message to youth.” Says Shayla Winn,  “Now that my sight has been impaired, I’m showing people that I’m still following my vision.  My sight is not the same, but I still have a voice!” 

No matter the reasons for participating, it’s clear that all of our performers have a special message to share with you! Come listen, and join us for Generation Dream February 2nd at the Richmond Public Library, and February 11th the Grace Street Theater!