Roll Back Sequestration Cuts! A Letter to Senators Warner & Kaine

Senator Warner (left) and Senator Kaine (right)

Senator Warner (left) and Senator Kaine (right)

Roll back Sequestration cuts!

RPEC, along  with other organizations in Virginia, is circulating a sign-on letter to our two Virginia senators.  In brief, the letter asks Senators Warner and Kaine to protect human needs and the social safety net, raise revenues without harming the poor,  find “smart” Pentagon savings, and seek ways to reinvest in communities affected by cutbacks.


As military spending continues to be our government’s top priority, it is the most marginalized and vulnerable members of our communities who will the brunt of these budget cuts. Investment in these communities should be prioritized in the new budget.


We urge you to add your name to the sign-on letter to Senators Warner and Kaine regarding the budget. These signatures will be presented to them at a meeting in a few weeks.  Thank you for your collaboration.


The full letter to the senators and the form for adding your signature can be found here.