Reflection Space & Discussion: 2016 Election

We invited friends of the Peace Center and concerned community members to come together last Tuesday to begin to reflect about & discuss the election of Donald Trump, what it means and what this moment demands of all of us.  reflection-2016

About 80 people gathered with us at Richmond Friends Meeting.

Our intention was to create a space for reflection, to convene people to begin to process recent events and begin to surface possible courses of action.

We gathered in small groups and discussed our feelings and fears, how to take care of ourselves, and how to take care of our community. Then community members shared, town hall style in the large group, a wide range of political and moral perspectives about what this election means, what the next four years will demand of us, how we can protect the most vulnerable in our communities, and begin to brainstorm avenues to take action.

Here is a link to some of the immediate action steps that people in attendance recommended.

Upcoming Events and Useful Resources

At the Richmond Peace Education Center, we have long sought to build a community that appreciates diversity, resolves conflicts nonviolently, builds safety through community, shares economic and political power equitably, and empowers all individuals to live full and abundant lives.

Please look out for future Peace Center opportunities, action recommendations and statements in the coming weeks and months.