Richmond Youth Peace Project

The Richmond Youth Peace Project (RYPP) is a dynamic youth peace program.

Our mission is to transform the culture and conditions that lead to youth violence.

We build youth leaders who are leading the way to a more peaceful future.

The centerpiece of the program is the Youth Conflict Resolution Team.  We train teenagers to teach nonviolent conflict resolution skills to other children and teens throughout the region.

Do you want your teen to be a leader for peace?

Through RYPP, your teen will:

  • Learn to settle conflict nonviolently;
  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Help reduce the level of violence in their school and your community;
  • Earn community service hours; and
  • Explore opportunities to express their ideas and concerns positively.

Your teen will not only be the recipient of information. They, too, will learn to serve as leaders, educators and agents of community change.  

Our next trainings for youth leaders will be held on Saturday and Sunday September 30-October 1 and Saturday and Sunday October 21-22.  This year’s training is scheduled to be held at the new 6 Points Innovation Center in Highland Park.

To apply, fill out our short online application form here.

To help your teen apply for this program or to schedule a youth-led program for your youth group, please contact

Check out videos from our Generation Dream Youth Production!



The Richmond Youth Peace Project is an initiative of the Richmond Peace Education Center and Drums No Guns. It was founded in 2004 by Richmond educator and former RPEC board member Ram Bhagat and a group of teenagers.