Resolving Conflict

“Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time…”                                                      –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


• Have you noticed conflict in your classroom or workplace?

• Do you want to improve your ability to communicate?

• Does your group need new tools for improving cooperation?

At RPEC, we teach people how to resolve conflict.

Why Choose RPEC?


  • Improve listening and communication
  • Teach people to understand their options for resolving disagreement
  • Build cooperation, self-respect and appreciation for others.

Thousands of people have experienced success.

Dynamic Workshop Experience

Our workshops are filled with engaging exercises that give participants opportunities to practice new communication and conflict-resolution techniques. They deliver a basic understanding of conflict and new skills for resolving disputes peacefully. We emphasize five themes: communication, cooperation, affirmation, emotion regulation, and problem solving.

Skilled Facilitators

Skilled, experienced adult trainers conduct our workshops. We also have a team of youth trainers who can conduct workshops for young people under the supervision of a skilled adult.

Customized Training

Before the training workshop, we consult with your group’s organizer to design a program that meets your specific needs. We provide one-time sessions or extended series of workshops. Dozens of nonprofits, faith communities, youth agencies, government programs, and other groups  have improved communication and conflict resolution success with RPEC training.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been teaching people how to resolve their conflicts for more than 25 years.

  • 100% of community partners find our Conflict Resolution programs “useful.”
  • Eight out of 9 clients report improvements following RPEC programs.


RPEC’s Specialty Conflict Resolution Programs

In addition to our traditional conflict resolution programs, RPEC provides specialized programs which address particular needs. Our staff can describe all of our programs to you and ensure that you find one that meets your needs.


Peer Mediation
We can help your school or youth program establish an effective Peer Mediation program. The goal of peer mediation is to reduce conflict and provide youth with problem-solving skills. Trained peer mediators help students having disagreements to work out mutually acceptable agreements. Peer mediation can reduce disruptive behavior and empower young people to settle their disagreements peacefully. Peer mediation can also:


• Reduce the time teachers and staff spend addressing conflicts;
• Encourage early intervention in conflicts;
• Promote a climate that values nonviolent problem-solving, and;
• Provide positive youth role models for other students.


RPEC can fully train your team of youth peer mediators and their adult advisors and support your mediation program through its first year (or longer, at your discretion). For more information about RPEC’s peer mediation services, click here: Peer Mediation Program

Teen-led Conflict Resolution Programs for Youth
RPEC has a team of teenage program leaders who teach other youth ways to resolve conflict peacefully. Since 2006, our teen facilitators have co-led conflict resolution trainings with more than 750 other youth across the region in a variety of settings, including community centers, after-school programs, and Richmond Public Schools. Our teen program leaders are effective educators for nonviolence in the Richmond community. [Richmond Youth Peace Project]
Alternatives to Violence Project
RPEC leads Alternatives to Violence Project programs in prisons and the community. For a link to the national Alternatives to Violence Project website, click here.
Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities
RPEC provides HROC programs to support healing from the trauma of violence. For more information about HROC, click here.


We believe…

  • Conflict is an opportunity for growth.
  • Learning begins when people question their thoughts and beliefs
  • A peaceful community requires healthy communication
  • There are always peaceful options.

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