Promoting nonviolence and social justice is at the heart of RPEC’s mission.


We inhabit a world in which people are habituated to using violence – to using force or the threat of force in ways that harm others – in order to solve problems and get the things they want.  Violence is too often, unnecessarily, seen as the only or the best the way to resolve conflict. This is true on many levels, from the school playground to our country’s foreign policies.


At RPEC we embrace a different path.


At the Richmond Peace Education Center we believe that that the vision of a more peaceful and just world is not pie in the sky. We believe that we can build a region and a world that is, if not entirely free of violence, one that is a lot freer of violence at every level, from our interpersonal relationships to our global relationships.


We at the center are working extensively on the ground in the community by putting the principles of nonviolence and social justice to work in ways that are effective, practical, and useful. Our conflict resolution programs protect people from hurting one another and getting hurt, and enable people to work more effectively across lines of difference. Our educational programs inform the community about critical issues and equip people to act to build a better world.


All of our programs advance our core mission:

Conflict Resolution Programs

Youth Programs

Racial Justice Initiative

Global Peace Issues