Peace Center On the Travel Ban

The Supreme Court has ruled that it will allow the Trump administration to implement a narrow version of its travel ban on citizens of six Muslim-majority countries. In this version of the ban, nationals from  Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen may not enter the United States unless they have a narrowly defined “bona fide” relationship to a person or entity in the country. This decision is temporary; it holds until the Court hears the case this fall.

The Peace Center remains steadfast in our commitment to a welcoming and inclusive society.

We believe that immigrants and refugees must be welcomed with open arms, regardless of religion or country of origin. The idea that laws must not discriminate on the basis of religion lies at the very core of the American experiment. More practically, there already exists an extremely rigorous security-vetting process for refugees.

We are alarmed that the original ban (dubbed a “Muslim Ban”) was engineered by Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, according to PBS’s Frontline. It had Islamophobic origins and was part of a larger strategy to restrict immigration and remake America.

Moreover, we recognize that, tragically, our own foreign policies have created power vacuums in the Middle East that have sown instability, made possible the rise of ISIS, and that have directly and indirectly contributed to refugee crises.

At the Peace Center we believe that President Trump’s travel ban is discriminatory and unconstitutional, and that it will not make us safer.

We believe that we stand strongest when we stand together.