New Peace Center Strategic Plan

The Peace Center will begin 2016 with a new strategic plan!

This past year we developed a strategic plan to guide our work over the next four years. Our goal was to produce a cohesive understanding of our future and a path to achieve it.

We worked with Sarah Milston of the Sparkmill and received support from Flashpoint Fund and The Wonder Fund of The Community Foundation to take this important step.

Between 2016 and 2019 the Peace Center will seek to:

Empower Individuals Through Education – Expand educational programs to equip individuals with knowledge, skills and abilities to create peace and justice in their own communities.

Conduct Advocacy and Action Increase action in Richmond for justice and peace. 

Partner Strategically – Form and strengthen alliances with partners to effect change.

Pursue Operational Excellence – Increase our capacity to fulfill our mission by strengthening fundraising, investing in new technology, developing skills among staff, board and volunteers, and strengthening our communications to project our voice.

Our top program priority for 2016 is to expand our Richmond Youth Peace Project for teenagers, empowering teenagers to be leaders for peace and community change.

In addition, we plan to seek capacity-building funding.

Target audiences for RPEC programs and communications include: those who share our values but are not yet affiliated with the peace center, youth and those who work with youth, and those already involved with RPEC.

The strategic plan is a living document and will keep us flexible and open to change or unforeseen events.

We are excited to launch our next phase of impact and are grateful for the support and partnership of our members and friends.

The Strategic Plan Summary is here: RPEC STRATEGIC PLAN SUMMARY.