Support RPEC When You Buy Groceries

When shopping for groceries, you can use your Kroger Plus card to benefit the Peace Center. It takes less than five minutes to join and it’s an easy way to support RPEC (at noKrogCommRewa-300x340 extra cost to you). To participate in the Kroger Community Rewards Program:

1) Go to and                 create your Kroger account

2) Click on Enroll Now for the Community Rewards Program           and enter RPEC or the RPEC account code (94179) to               designate RPEC as your recipient organization.

3) Enter your Kroger Plus Card #. If you do not have a card, you can create a virtual             card online.

4) Use your Kroger Plus card every time you shop at Kroger. If you leave your Kroger         Plus card at home, you can still earn points for RPEC by using your default ID (the             phone number you used to set up the account) at checkout!