We Need You. 

Become a member of RPEC.


When our community stands together and works for peace, change can happen. Make a difference.  Join RPEC today. Members  are expected to support RPEC’s mission, and donate annually, volunteer, or participate actively in one or more RPEC activities. For more information on RPEC membership, see below. To support RPEC financially, click here.

Who are our members?

RPEC members are a diverse group of people, ranging from community leaders to ordinary citizens. We are teachers, students, lawyers, clergy, business people, activists, social workers, nurses, doctors, conscientious objectors, ex-Marines, gardeners, carpenters, and more.


We come from a variety of religious and philosophical traditions, and a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds. What binds us together is our commitment to working strategically and nonviolently to make our community and our world more peaceful and just.


Benefits of Membership

New members receive…

  • The opportunity to connect with others who care about the same issues.
  • An invitation to our free spring Member Thank You Dinner, and to other opportunities and events.
  • Newsletters and weekly e-mail updates (if you want them!) about RPEC programs including conflict resolution trainings, youth peace programs, racial justice forums and events focused on international peace.
  • Members have access to our lending library and other educational resources for their own or their students’ research on issues of peace and justice.
  • The knowledge that you have joined and shown your support for a community that is educating actively for nonviolence and social justice, and working for the positive changes that we all want to see in our community and world.


We welcome new members. Join RPEC today!


What is expected of members?

We encourage members to donate annually at any level they are able to give. RPEC is a grassroots, member-supported operation. We rely on donations from our members to sustain our work and programs.  The majority of our funding comes from small individual donations. RPEC is 100% inclusive of members of all means, and we invite community members who are unable to make a large donation to make a donation of any size. We also invite those who are unable to give financially now to join anyway and get involved!  We want to build an inclusive organization that is representative of all the communities in Richmond…and we value your participation above all else.


We do ask members to attend or participate in RPEC programs and activities, volunteer, or otherwise show their support for our mission, however they are able.