General Assembly Resolution Recognizes RPEC


On June 4, Delegate Betsy Carr will present House Joint Resolution 784 at the Richmond Peace Education Center’s annual Membership Appreciation Dinner. This resolution, sponsored by Delegate Carr, honors the Peace Center on the 35th anniversary of its founding.  It recognizes years of work for international peace, community justice and nonviolent conflict resolution.


Full text of the Resolution is available here.


At the dinner, which the Peace Center holds annually to thank members and supporters, the Peace Center will also honor its 2015 Peacemakers of the Year, Dr. John Moeser and The Thrifty Quaker.


Dr. Moeser will be recognized for his work educating our community about issues of poverty and inequality in metropolitan Richmond.  For the past forty years, his research, teaching, and community engagements have deepened the community’s understanding of race, poverty and city politics. Dr. Moeser’s work has had a profound influence on the community’s awareness of segregation, economic discrimination and regionalism, and the direction of public policy in addressing those ongoing issues.


The Thrifty Quaker will be lauded for its years of support for local nonprofits and individuals in need.  Countless worthy peace initiatives and charitable causes have received vital support from The Thrifty Quaker.  Additionally, the store provides employment for a number of workers from the area.  The Thrifty Quaker also supports Friend$hare, providing emergency funds to individuals in urgent financial crisis that could result in their becoming homeless, jobless, or endangered due to lack of housing, utilities, medical treatment or equipment.



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