Edu-concert Speech by Youth Conflict Resolution Facilitator, DaJon Johnson

generationdream“Good evening everyone, my name is DaJon Johnson, and I am a youth facilitator with the Richmond Peace Education Center.  I am glad to see so many faces out here that were able and willing to come out and support this concert, so thank you.


The Richmond Peace Education Center is a non-profit organization that has taken on as its mission the promotion of peace and non-violence in the Richmond area. In their efforts they have made an impression upon this city and its residents, but are continually striving to do more to enhance the safety of our communities.


As before I spoke of being a conflict resolution trainer.  As a youth facilitator I travel around the Richmond and Virginia area directing workshops on conflict resolution, teaching its components, which include the effective ability to resolve and control conflict should the outbreak of it occur.


In the sixth grade I was more than reserved, stiff, only speaking when it seemed necessary, but with my becoming a trainer I was forced to leave behind the limitations of my comforts and grow to be who I am today.  My success was based off of the two-day weekend workshop that I attended for free in my earlier years, so that I could learn the basics of a then novel concept, conflict resolution.  While I sat there for those two days I could only think, “why did my mom sign me up for this” and it is here, where I stand that I am able to say that I now understand.


Lastly, I just wanted to tell you a tad of what I have gotten from my working with this organization for more than five years, of which every year I have enjoyed.  I have been able to improve upon my ability to present, arrange, and organize an effective lesson plan. Even further I have had the pleasure and joy of being able to make a positive impact, at least to small degree in the lives of the children that I teach.   And it is with that that I voice my support for the peace center and all the work they have done, so once again thank you.”