Join us February 18 at Baker’s Crust


What are your thoughts on bread and melted cheese?


On Feb 18th from 5pm-9pm (closing time), Baker’s Crust in Carytown will help support RPEC by donating 15% of their nightly sales if you mention our name when you make a purchase. You will help support RPEC’s invaluable work of promoting peace, justice, and inclusivity. RPEC will in turn help support your love of ham on bruschetta. With a wide variety of choices (ham and non-ham eaters alike), Baker’s Crust offers a healthy, wholesome menu that tastes more like gluttonous overindulgence.


To sweeten the deal, we’ll be raffling off some fun prizes during our time there, which means you’ve just found a way to combine peace and prosciutto while potentially winning stuff!
So come by on Feb 18th and support our mission and your community by OH MY WORD, THERE’S SALTED CARAMEL CAKE, BYE.