Challenging Systemic Racism

RJ WorkshopRecently 33 people committed to racial justice, coming from varied backgrounds and ranging in age from 22 to 81, joined together for the Richmond Peace Education Center’s pilot program Building Resilience for Challenging Systemic Racism, a weekend long trauma-healing workshop for activists and allies. The program was co-led by Ram Bhagat and Renee Hill.

The goals were to: explore the sources, and impact, of racial trauma on ourselves and our community; initiate a process of healing that cultivates resilience; and create a foundation for building a mutually supportive community of activists and allies.

fullsizerenderAt the end of the session, participants shared what they need most, to challenge systemic racism. This is what some said:

“Listening to one another, willingness to work together to confront systems that injure people.”
“Intentional work to educate, organize, hold each other accountable, take care of ourselves, innovate, reflect, and hold people in systems accountable to promote equity.”
“Action, teachers (to educate the uneducated with the truth).”
“Keep educating self and other white people and never stop speaking up”

Here are a few videos and photos from the weekend:





Missed this one or on the wait list? The second Building Resilience program will be scheduled in the late winter or early spring.