Annual Auction Growing To Fit Roomier Space

RPEC Auction 2012 046Here we go again: finish one Annual Auction, begin planning for another. The fun never ends!  So, seriously: Having just had the most successful RPEC Annual Auction ever in 2012, we now are kneedeep in planning for the next one, to be held on November 9, 2013. This time, there are a lot of changes in store for all of us.


First off, please be assured that the Auction in 2013 will not be held on the same day as the Richmond Marathon. That’s one step forward.  Other changes: The Auction finally has outgrown the excellent space and generous hospitality of the Troutman Sanders law offices. We were at, or even slightly exceeded, the seating capacity of the dining and live auction space last year, and we had to turn away a number of last minute requests for tickets. So we are moving to a new site.


The 2013 Annual Auction will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, at 555 E. Canal Street, in downtown Richmond. We’ll accommodate more participants in the eating, chatting, and (most important) bidding rooms.


But (and there always is a “But…”), our expenses will increase significantly in this new and more spacious venue. Last year, the Auction took in about $26,500 in ticket and auction sales, and had about $7,300 in expenses. This year, our expenses will increase to about $9,800. So, we need to increase revenues: sell more tickets and sell more items at both the silent and the live auctions. Here is where you come in as friends and supporters of RPEC and its important work.


Sell more tickets. We’ll have a buffet dinner served at tables that seat up to eight persons. Please buy your tickets at $40 each. Also consider gathering a group of friends to buy a full table for $320 (8 seats). If you cannot attend but want to help make the Auction a success and help RPEC strengthen its community work, please buy some tickets, or a table, to allow persons of limited means to attend and enjoy the event. Contact RPEC to get your tickets now! Last year’s event sold out, so purchase your tickets early. E-mail us at


Contribute more Auction items. Donated objects are fine and always welcome. They add to the warmth and beauty of the evening. But the highest bids usually are received for services, accommodations, and the like. Vacation rentals are always very attractive, as are dining packages of various sorts (several meals of a specific ethnic variety delivered to your home over the course of a year; a catered dinner for you and two invited guests; baked goods delivered to you monthly, and so on), and services such as gardening help and home improvements.


Finally, Volunteer to help prepare and manage the evening. We don’t have a large full-time staff to do the work, whether it is helping to reduce conflict in schools and the community, organizing programs about local and international issues, or running an Annual Auction. We need your help. We need volunteers to solicit gifts for auction, to collect and catalogue items, to sell tickets and seek support from groups and organizations that agree with RPEC’s mission. You name it, we need it.If you can help us, please call or email the RPEC office: phone 232-1002; email


Thanks very much!