Advocacy at RPEC

Dear Friends,

After the Trump election and all that has transpired nationally and locally since then, it became increasingly important to the Peace Center that we position ourselves as an organization that is actively working to fight against systems of oppression.

We recognize that marginalized communities have been facing violence for centuries and we also know that the Trump election has absolutely emboldened and encouraged violence in all forms against our communities in the past couple of months. The Peace Center is urging you to join us in our immediate and long term efforts to create peaceful communities.

The Peace Center is immediately working hard to join conversations, build coalitions, and take our own actions, in response to the recent events concerning Monument Ave and Charlottesville.

In our longer term plan, the first step in our new phase of advocacy work was to hire me, the Advocacy Coordinator. My role is to work to lead advocacy outreach, coordinate programs to unite communities, educate for social change, and connect like-minded people to the Peace Center and to one another. The next step of RPEC’s new advocacy space will be a few things that will be launching immediately: the advocacy branding, the advocacy committee, and advocacy & action opportunities.

Advocacy Branding
You may have already seen this logo on the call to action for #DefendCharlottesville!

This new branding will be present on all things RPEC Advocacy.

Advocacy Committee
Our Advocacy Committee was created to reduce the siloing of the racial justice issues and the global concerns within the Peace Center as an organization. We recognize that racial justice issues and global concerns go hand-in-hand and affect our local, national, and international community on a daily basis. The committee’s goals are to acknowledge and undo the separation of race issues and anti-war issues, to restore and expand democracy and challenge militarism, to advance racial equity in the larger RVA community and bring a racial equity lens to RPEC’s work, to provide skill building and education for activists, and to build community and engage with allies, activists, and those with potential.

The committee will include workgroups on outreach/programs, racial equity, and reclaiming our democracy. If you would like more information about the committee and if you or someone else are interested in becoming a part of this committee please email:

Advocacy & Action Opportunities
Starting at the beginning of September, RPEC will regularly send out a curated list of advocacy and action opportunities so that our members can be aware of the variety of ways to get involved and take action. We will do our best to provide contact information and details for each of the opportunities. Please note, this list of action and advocacy opportunities will include some opportunities not formally sponsored by the Peace Center.

Feel free to submit action opportunities by emailing:

The Peace Center is incredibly excited and ready to start our new venture into the advocacy arena. We hope that you are excited too and will join us in our effort to create more peaceful communities.

In love & light,

Jelani // Advocacy Coordinator