Action Needed


The Richmond Peace Education Center asks you to take action to persuade all our congressional representatives to support the international agreement with Iran. The agreement will block Iran’s development of nuclear weapons for the foreseeable future.

As you know, Senator Tim Kaine has publicly announced strong support for the agreement.  Please join us in expressing our appreciation for his leadership.

Senator Mark Warner is evidently “totally undecided.”  His support is considered critical in sustaining the expected veto of attempts to kill the deal.  Congressman Scott has made no formal announcement, but is expected to support the deal.  Congressman Brat is strongly opposed.

Specifically, we urge you to:

  1. Give us permission to add your name to a letter, which we will deliver to Senator Warner and Representatives Scott and Brat, expressing your support for the agreement. Click here and fill in your name and contact information on the form to give us permission to add your name. (We’ll need your address with zip in order to show them you’re a constituent.)
  2. Also indicate on the form if you are willing to participate in either a public forum or a private meeting with any of our congressional representatives prior to the votes which will come sometime soon after Congress returns on September 8th; expressing your readiness, indicating any dates you will be totally unavailable.
  3. Send a letter of support to the Richmond Times-Dispatch or other local publication of your choice; write from your heart and your own experience, don’t worry that you’re not a nuclear physicist; mention the names of the local reps (so their staff will clip it for them)
  4. If you have already communicated with our senators and congresspersons by email, phone or letter…please continue these individual communications, including any special means you may have to get a message to one of them.

Please respond to this appeal as quickly as you can.  Again, click here now to add your name to the Peace Center’s letter expressing support for this historic agreement, which we’ll deliver to elected leaders.

Thank you.