Nonviolent Philosophy and Conflict Theory

Resources on conflict theory and the philosophical underpinnings of peace and nonviolence.


198 Methods of Nonviolence 

A list of 198 ways to react with nonviolent protest and persuasion.


Albert Einstein Institution 

Provides information on the basic principles of nonviolence as well as detailed studies of its historical implementation.


Beyond Intractability
Resource for constructive approaches to destructive conflict.   Includes articles and critical analysis tools.


The Complete Site on Mahatma Gandhi 
Provides links to a wide array of Gandhi’s writings and his own descriptions of non-violence and its value in the struggle for freedom. The site also includes links to Dr. King’s interpretation of non-violence under the Peace, Nonviolence, and Conflict Resolution link.


The Conflict Resolution Information Source 
Clearinghouse of conflict resolution materials.


King Encyclopedia
Provides a short biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as a four-point summary of his views on nonviolence and direct action.
Essay on the Qur’anic basis of non-violent and pacifist ethics, by Zeeshan Hasan.


Nonviolence International 

Seeks to reduce violence and promote nonviolent action in the world.   Includes relevant scholarly bibliographies as well as program information for peace issues in North America, Latin America, Palestine, South East Asia, Aceh, and more. Includes a bibliography on Islam and peace.


Nonviolence USA Index 
Explores the practice of nonviolence in the United States. Includes profiles of peacemakers as well as information about how to live a nonviolent lifestyle.


Nonviolence Today at UCA Berkley 

This article is based on a University of California at Berkley program. The first six pages focuses on theories of nonviolence and the remaining pages concentrate on student action.


Peace and Justice Studies Association

Organization of activists and academics working on peace issues. Produces a journal and meets yearly.


Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation
Supports and distributes working papers and other research on international conflict resolution and negotiation.


Why Nonviolence? Introduction to Nonviolence Theory and Strategy 

A 1978 article by Bob Irwin and Gordon Faison, edited by David H. Albert.   The article addresses not only the theory, but also its implementation and relevance today.