About RPEC

The Richmond Peace Education Center works actively to build a more peaceful community in the Richmond, Virginia area. For almost four decades we have been a leading voice for nonviolence and social justice. Through our workshops, public events, and education trainings, we make a difference in the region.   In the past two years, we have independently or collaboratively produced nearly 100 events and programs reaching thousands of people.

Our Mission

We build just, inclusive and nonviolent communities through education and action.

Our Vision

At the Richmond Peace Education Center, we envision a time when the entire region…

  • Appreciates diversity
  • Resolves conflicts nonviolently
  • Builds safety through cooperation and community
  • Shares economic and political power equitably
  • Takes its place within the community of earth responsibly
  • Empowers all individuals to live full and abundant lives

RPEC Staff

2017 Board of Directors

  • Betsy Brinson
  • Kenneth Dance
  • Lisa Furr
  • Rob Gabriele, Chair
  • Jennifer Garvin-Sanchez
  • Rob Jones
  • Jennifer Louise Lewis
  • Medha Majety, Youth Representative
  • Sam McKinney
  • Sarah Milston
  • Valaryee Mitchell
  • Robert K. Nelson
  • Grant Rissler
  • Dan Shaw
  • Kurt Stemhagen
  • John Taylor
  • Tyler Tunstall, Youth Representative

History of RPEC

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2016 Annual Report