A Call for Auction Donations!

wintergreenThere are about 3 weeks left to donate items for the 2014 auction and we need more items.  We have about 100 now with a goal of about 300 items.  So if you have a vacation home, carpentry or other home renovation skills, a service, or an item that would make someone at the auction say, “I have to have that”,  PLEASE donate it to the auction.  Just call the Peace Center (232-1002) or email the information to: items@rpec.org.


Remember, the auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year and needs to cover almost 1/5 of RPEC’s budget.  And remember too that the money we raise from ticket sales and sponsorships covers the costs associated with putting on the event.  That means that we depend on the 300 treasures donated by RPEC friends and members to make our fundraising goal.


Please take a moment now to think about what you might have or what you can do that can be shared with RPEC members at the auction.  We’re especially looking for getaways, fun activities, and services.  These are the “big ticket” items that power the auction to our goal. Donations are tax deductible.


This is crunch time.  Can you help?