Do you have the perfect item for this year’s Auction?

Do you have an item to offer that would be perfect for the Peace Center auction this year?

Our annual auction is the Peace Center’s most important fundraising event. All of the proceeds directly support our work to build a more peaceful and just community.

Volunteers are just starting to work on this year’s auction and we are really changing things up!


This year, the auction will be held Friday, November 17th at 6:30pm at Diversity Richmond.

We are especially looking for items made in Richmond by Richmonders, to showcase local artists and artisans and who want to show their support for the Peace Center with their work.

We are also looking for Richmond specific experiences…think classes, tours, and attractions that make our city unique.

In addition to local donations, we want to add more out-of-Richmond adventures and getaways, since those items are always a big hit in the live auction.  

Special items from faraway places are also popular with our bidders.

Do you have a suggestion for an auction item you (or your business) might like to offer for this year’s event.  If so, please email your suggestion to  Thanks.

We are also looking for some fresh faces and fresh ideas from our auction team.  Would you like to get involved?  Do you know anyone well connected in the Richmond community who might like to help in our efforts this year?  Please let us know!

We’ll do all we can to make the process easy for you: We’ll suggest a list of contacts to approach, many of which will be people who donated in previous years. 

We’ll give you materials to hand or email to potential donors, including a letter and step-by-step instructions..  

Would you like to volunteer this year? Let us know if you can help!  Email us your confirmation, or any questions at

Again, thank you for your continued support of the Richmond Peace
Education Center.