2013 Peace Essay Contest Grade K-3 Winners

First Place, Clarence Claiborne, Jr., gr. 3, Walnut Hill Elementary School, Petersburg Public Schools


Second Place, Rochelle Udechime, gr. 3, Chesterbrook Academy, Ashburn, VA

Third Place, Katie Pippenger, gr. 3, Bon Air Elementary School, Chesterfield Co. Public Schools



Honorable Mentions:
Lauren Eby, gr. 3, Rural Point Elementary School, Hanover Co. Public Schools

Emma Lawson, gr. 2, Woolridge Elementary School, Chesterfield Co. Public Schools

Gabrielle Marx, gr. 2, Woolridge Elementary School, Chesterfield Co. Public Schools

Emberly Quiroz Palomares, gr. 3, Bon Air Elementary School, Chesterfield Co. Public Schools

Jaila Scott,  gr. 1, Pocahontas Elementary School, Powhatan Co. Public Schools


First Place

Clarence Claiborne, 3rd gr. Walnut Hill Elementary School, Petersburg Public Schools

Learning to Live in Peace

It was a sunny day after school.  My homework was done, so I was able to play outside in my backyard.  My friends came over and we started to play basketball.  During the game I was pushed, and I fell to the ground.  My favorite shoes were ruined!

“Foul!” I yelled.  At first, I wanted to punch the person that had fouled me, but instead I thought about the consequences.  My parents have always told me to not start fights, and this wasn’t a reason to fight.  It was an accident.  This was just a game and my shoes could be cleaned.  If I had punched my friend, then our friendship could have been broken.

I learned to think before I react and to control my anger.  My parents have also taught me to keep my hands and all other objects to myself.  This keeps me from being suspended or expelled from school.  If I’m at home playing, it keeps me from being punished.  No one wants a friend or brother who is angry or bullies them all of the time.

Being peaceful, affects the person that I can become.  If I am peaceful and calm it causes me to be a good citizen in school.  That way I am able to receive a good education.  If I receive a good education, then I can accomplish many goals.  One of those goals could be becoming President of the United States of America.  The President has to be peaceful and fair to all Americans and people of other countries.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream of peace and equality.  He wanted everybody of all races to get along and live in peace.  He was unable to see his dream come true because he died.  We remember what he stood for and try to live by his dream everyday!  I am Clarence Claiborne, Jr.  I am eight years old and I try my best to live in peace!

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Second Place

Rochelle Udechime, gr. 3, Chesterbrook Academy, Ashburn, VA

Learning To Live in Peace.

I am the first born child in a family of three soon to be four. My younger sister and I fight about personal space, belongings, toys, and silly stuff. My youngest sister, I call the troublemaker is the cutest little sister. I do get angry at my siblings, but can’t hurt them. My parents taught me about living in peace with my siblings and others. My parents tried hard to teach us to be nice and fair to each other. They thought me how to share my toys, and to always take turns.. Our parents don’t allow us to hit or physically hurt one another, or to say unkind words. I am expected to take care of the troublemaker (my 21 months old sister), to forgive her when she takes apart my Lego toys which I have worked hard to build. I was also taught that my little sister needs more help and I should treat her gently.

To live in peace is for people to treat each other nicely and help one another. The teachings I received at home have helped me to know that I should treat others nicely. I try to be kind, and polite to everyone rich or poor, black or white. I believe that everyone is the child of God and should be respected. There should be no fighting. We should try to talk over our problems.  Instead of fighting the person, I can choose to walk away. Instead of saying hurtful things I can choose to ignore the person.

I have heard about wars in different countries and how people suffer with no food to eat, no clean water to drink, and no home to live in. Now, if in these countries people learn to talk about their problems and differences, treat each other nicely, respect one another, they will be living in peace.

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Third Place  Katie Pippenger, gr. 3,  Bon Air Elementary School, Chesterfield County Public Schools



Peace.  It can be used in many different ways.  Back in history people who had black skin were treated unfairly.  That isn’t peace.  That isn’t peace.  That is being mean and unfair.  An example of spreading peace is Gandhi and Martin Luther King.  What they have in common is they made peace with words.  At least that’s what Martin Luther King did.  Gandhi made peace by not talking at all.  But that doesn’t all ways work.  Peace wouldn’t have been a word if it didn’t have other meanings.  It also means harmony, happiness and love that comes from the heart.

Talking about love, my family teaches me peace many ways.  One way is that my Girl Scout troop is going to the Central Food Bank of Virginia.  We will get a tour and maybe we will get to help.  Helping others is spreading peace.  Another way my family taught me peace is last year.  Somebody in my mom’s class named Rafael was living in a dirty place with his sister Diana.  My mom was so generous that she called their dad in Mexico to ask him if it was ok for her to keep them until they can go back to Mexico.  He said yes.  While they were at our house it was fun because you could play with someone other than your sister.  All turned out well and they got back to Mexico.  And that is how my family teaches me peace.

Some words that peace is described for are generous, love, harmony and happiness.  All the words mean peace, but what it really means is love that comes from your heart.

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Honorable Mentions:


Lauren Eby, gr. 3, Rural Point Elementary School, Hanover County Public Schools



Peace is when you care about others. It’s when you care about caring for others more than winning an argument over silly things.

Peace is really important in the world because if there was not any peace there would be wars and not peaceful things happening. There would be fires and bombs and other bad things. People could become homeless or very, very sick.

I have learned about peace from my family. My parents say to have peace in your mind. My parents say to stop fighting. Famous Americans can teach you about peace and other examples of peaceful things that they did.

My church teaches me about peace and ways you can make peace around the world and in other communities. Martin Luther King Jr. helped with segregation. Rosa Parks was very brave and didn’t give up her seat. Abraham Lincoln freed slaves and made peace for slaves, but when he died it was not peaceful. For me especially all of these people are great peace heroes.

I would like to help peace by telling people to stop fighting and make peace. I would like for there to be no wars. I think that people should talk about peace more than winning something. I want to help teach people about peace.  I would like to learn even more about peace. There should and can be schools that teach all about peace. I hope many people will learn about peace!

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Emma Lawson, gr. 2, Woolridge Elementary School, Chesterfield County Public Schools



Why is peace important?  Peace is important because no one would be happy in the world if there were no peace.  My mom is the peacemaker at my home and she gives me good advice.  Some advice was not to let people exclude you.  If they do and don’t stop, tell a trusted adult.  Once my twin sisters were trying to hide and run away from me.  Then I said “it’s not nice to exclude people,” so they stopped.

In North Korea they are not keeping peace.  They might send army men to the USA.  I feel sad because they don’t understand peace.  I hope the world will learn peace.

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Gabrielle Marx, gr. 2, Woolridge Elementary School, Chesterfield County Public Schools


Let me tell you about peace.  Peace means to be calm, courteous and accountable.  If anyone in my family gets mad they will want to take it out on someone else.  So my mom will try to calm them down.  My mom is trying to make peace.  My mom has us go into her room to have a little quiet time.  One time I cried myself to sleep.

In North Korea it is not peaceful because they want to go to war with us.  I wish everyone was peaceful in the world.

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Emberly Quiroz Palomares , gr. 3, Bon Air Elementary School, Chesterfield



Peace.  Peace means being joyful, happy, and cheerful.   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted peace for everyone.  Not just white or black.  The pursuit of happiness also means peace.  Everyone wants harmony and liberty.  That is really what made peace.

Freedom, Oh who can forget that special word that touches your heart when you say freedom.  There are even more words that do that!  When you are showing peace you’re not hurting just doing the golden rule .When you are fighting for peace and you fail try again pick yourself up.  Everyone can make peace.

In my family the way we show peace is by teaching it to others who need it.  Another way my family shows peace is by taken care of the environment and volunteering too.  Even when you pick a little piece of trash is showing peace to our world.  My parents drive me around the park and my neighborhood to pick trash up.  There’s a good saying and it’s like this:  Everybody lives in peace.  My family taught me that. But peace also means something else.

If you’re happy peace comes to you.  When you are mad you have less peace in you.  When you have peace you have harmony.  It’s going to help me when I grow up because I could get a good job.   Make peace for the world and everyone.

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Jaila Scott,  gr. 1, Pocahontas Elementary School, Powhatan

What Peace Means to Me


Peace means that there are no wars, no shooting, no violence, and no killing animals.  Peace is a home where there is laughter, cuddling, and quiet moments of feeling good about all that is around you.  Peace is a state of harmony between people or groups.  Many people wonder what the bible has to say about peace.  It is the result of wisdom, which is also defined by following God’s laws.  Peace means freedom from war, civil commotion, anxiety, or annoyance.  It gives you peace of mind to be free of all your worries.

Peace means that everyone is calm, safe, getting along with each other, helping, loving, and caring toward each other.  Peace means to treat someone the way you want to be treated.  To show peace I take care of my family.  I keep my dog safe and I feed him.

My mom and dad talk about having peace.  I go to church every Sunday and listen to my Bishop speak about us having peace in our hearts and in our lives.  During biblical times, people rode a mule to show peace.  Peace is important to me and my family.  It is important to always have peace in everything you do.  When there’s peace in the land, there’s peace in your heart.  Where there is peace there is love, grace, mercy, care, strength, fortune, and favor.

Peace is being accepted for who we are while being challenged on how we can better ourselves.  If I could teach someone how to have peace I would show them how to be a good citizen.  Keep peace with you anytime and anywhere.  Show peace in your home, in school, at your jobs, or even when someone you do not know asks you for help.

Peace is something that comes from my heart.  When I explain peace, I tell people don’t worry about what’s around you.  Worry about how people treat you.  Make sure you’re surrounded with peace.  When you show an example of peace, people might want to show peace too.  Show an example of how to be a good humanitarian.  People will realize that you are using peace.

They might use peace also.  Peace means we don’t have to argue with each other.  So don’t solve anything with violence.  Talk it through.  Think about peace.  Think of how to say something nicely.

God gave his only son so we could have peace all the days of our lives!  So why wouldn’t we choose peace?  The world we live in would be a much better place.

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