19 more Kroger Community Rewards Enrollees to go!

Just 19 More Kroger Community Rewards Enrollees Needed to reach our goal of 150!

Good news, Kroger Rewards enrollees!! As of Mid-August, 131 households had enrolled to support the Peace Center through Kroger Community Rewards. This program has been hugely beneficial to the Peace Center, we are currently receiving over $ 900.00 per quarter from the Rewards program! 

We are just 19 enrollees short of meeting our 2017 goal of 150 enrollees! Can you help us by reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors and asking them to enroll? If 10 of our current enrollees get just 2 more people (each) to enroll, we will meet our 2017 enrollees goal! If all of your household members do not use the same Kroger Plus card, we appreciate your asking each household member to create a separate online Kroger account.  

To help others enroll in Kroger Community Rewards – or to enroll if you have NOT yet enrolled – please go to our ways to give page, and follow the instructions. It takes less than 5 minutes to enroll, and is one of the easiest ways to support the work of the Peace Center.

Once you have enrolled, please send an email to Camille Harris, RPEC Volunteer Kroger Community Rewards Coordinator, at camille@lamountaincoaching.com to let her know so she can add you to our Rewards program database and send you occasional program updates.

Thank you for helping to make Kroger Rewards a great fundraiser for The Peace Center for the past two years!!